Saturday, November 29, 2008

Are Turkeys Scary??

We had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with a 15 pound turkey and all the trimmings.  However, I have a question.  It is kind of a funny question, kind of an embarrassing question, but still a question.

You see, we started on Thursday morning, getting the turkey out of the refrigerator and preparing it to be put in the oven.  The moment my 4 year old food allergic child saw the raw naked bird he ran over to me in a fear filled screaming flail.  Confused, I asked him what was wrong.  He pointed at the turkey sitting in the pan on the counter, and quietly told me he wanted me to get rid of it.  Still confused, I asked "why", since if we got rid of the turkey there would be much less to eat at dinner.  He was finally able to calm down enough to explain that he was deathly afraid of our turkey.

That's right, my 4 year old is afraid of a turkey.  He was afraid of it raw, he was afraid of it cooked.  He refused to sit at the table if the turkey was placed on the table at the same time.  He would not go near 10 feet of it, and refused to have any part of it on his plate or near anything he ate.  Yes, my son is not afraid of the boggy man, the dark, or a monster under his bed, he is afraid of a turkey.

So, I have a question to ask.   Are turkeys scary?


kelly said...

that is so funny. my kids were were wondering why it looked so icky sitting there in the roasting pan. i told them, fear not, it will be cooked. i used to feel the same way about sweet potato casserole!

Karen said...

My youngest was upset that I took the gibblets out of the turkey with out her.

My six year old loves anatomy. She reads lots of books, that show people's insides.