Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Those Were the Days

OK, I am actually trying to write something in the 10 seconds that no one is fighting, crying, screaming or pawing all over me. Wish me luck!!!

So, I walked Conor to school yesterday morning, with Michael and Natalie in the stroller. On the way there we met a neighbor with a cute little puppy. She actually stopped her cell phone conversation to talk to us and introduce us to her puppy. She was so nice, let everyone pet the dog, and then pulled out some dog treats and asked if everyone would like to give them to the dog. Of course the first thought in my head is "Oh No!! I wonder if there are peanuts in those" Not sure how to proceed, I sussed out the situation. So do I say something and have this nice woman think I have lost my mind???? Do I stand behind with wipes ready begging Conor to keep his hands out of his mouth until I have wiped him down??? Thankfully the situation worked itself out as Natalie went first, the puppy got all excited and jumped, and Conor decided he was not ready to feed him yet. WHEW!!!

On Saturday we went to a little museum and zoo in Palo Alto so Michael could see a shark. He is very into Sharks these days and since Mick is out of town we thought it would be a good diversion. On our way home we stopped at McDonalds (again......) If only our safe food options weren't so...well......yucky. Anyways, everyone is having their safe hot fudge sundae, when at the table next to us this man opens his hot fudge sundae. Then he opens his wonderfully sealed bag of peanuts, and begins distributing them around on his ice cream as though it is no big deal. Well actually for him it is not big deal, but for us..........AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH...........poison..........YIKES!!!!!!! I stayed calm as I saw a few peanuts fly across the table and onto the floor. I got my wipes ready if needed......... Then I sat there watching that poor poor man with a look of horror on my face. I am sure he was wondering what the insane woman with many small children at the table next to him was looking at, and why she was just staring.....staring.........staring. Of course the poor man has no clue, and why should he. He lives in a world where peanuts are just........well...........another food to be eaten and enjoyed at any whim or whimsy. Oh, those were the days.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a Question

OK, I have a few questions this morning.

Why doesn't Caillou have any hair?

Where in the world are Max and Rosie's mother?

Are Bob the Builder and Wendy dating?


What really happened to the first guy on Blues Clues.

And by the way.... I HATE THE POWER RANGERS!!!!.

OK, I think we have been watching too much tv.

Monday, June 2, 2008

This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System, This is Only a Test........ I Think

OK, Here I am, I think I am doing it. This is a test post on my new and exciting blog.

This is my blog with comments and musings on my life as a stay at home mother to 5 year old twins, and an almost 4 year old. My wonderful husband works in the biotech industry. My youngest son has life threatening allergies to peanuts, is allergic to eggs, and has eczema, asthma, and more allergies to everything that grows then I care to remember. He is also allergic to cats, dogs, dust, penicillin, and many many many many many other things we have not discovered yet. We have an Au Pair from Thailand that lives with us, who is a wonderful help. She has even taught me how to say help in Thai.

I just got interrupted there for a minute by some chaos on how Jan (our Au Pair) somehow stepped on Michael's (one of the 5 year old twins) nose. I had to stop for a few minutes to discover
1) Is he OK?? and also...
2)What was his nose doing in a place Jan could step on it.

Ok, back to me. I also run marathons, go to Weight Watchers on an endless pursuit to lose weight. (yes you can run a marathon and still be "chubby"), and just try to make it through the day without pulling my hair out