Friday, November 7, 2008

Super Epi Pen Flies

Life After a Successful Egg Challenge - Answers and Questions

Eggs have re-entered our home and there is rejoicing all around.  We have made brownies, pancakes and scrambled eggs.  I am sorry for those of you still egg less ones, but eggs really do make things easier for the cooking impaired such as myself.  The brownies actually taste ok, and don't double as a stepping stone for the garden.  The pancakes can be removed from the pan without a chisel, and actually resemble a pancake.

However I am still uncertain about this whole egg thing.  Previously Conor had never really reacted to cooked egg.  He ate lots of things with egg cooked in it and I never noticed anything before.(not that I was a little bit slow on noticing these things before).  He seemed to really react to raw egg, or things like meringue powder that I put into icings.  How do I know if he will react to these things now, and what if he does???  And if he gets some eczema, how do I know if it is exacerbated by the eggs???

Now here is my other really stupid thought.  He used to be allergic to eggs, and now he ate one.  How do I know he is still allergic to peanuts.  Sure I remember a few years ago when he ate on and his head blew up to the size of a basketball, but how do I know he still is.  I am thrilled that he has not had a peanut reaction since, and it means we are doing a good job keeping him safe, but the part of me thinks denial is a river in Egypt wonders if I am just being paranoid in my anti-peanut crusade.

Don't worry, I know he is still allergic to peanuts.  We will navigate the waters of our own journey with eggs one egg and one day at a time.  We got some new answers I really like, but why do I still have so many new questions.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Own Super Pug, Super Buster

After the other computer died, I found some long forgotten photos on a CD, and discovered that my obsession with super hero's started long before children, food allergies and epi pens.  

Here are some photos of our pug Buster.  (read about his cancer scare here), dressed up as Super Buster many years ago.  I attended film school at USC and was required to make movies as a part of our courses.  Somewhere in my archives is the great movie of Super Buster the cute pug who saves the day.  

But here are some photos of him in action, in his days as a movie star.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Eggcellent!!! - A Successful Food Challenge

Things are calming down a bit here.  We are much poorer, but have a new computer, and a spiffy new rental car while the minivan is in the shop.  The second car has had its breaks replaced, and life is returning somewhat back to normal.

On Monday we made our way to the Allergist for our Egg Challenge.  This was a long time coming, and our third attempt at actually making it to the Dr. to do the challenge.  The first time Conor got sick, and we spent all sorts of time at the Dr and the emergency room, but not for an egg challenge.  The second time the Dr. had an emergency and her not so wonderful office staff failed to inform me and this unfortunate discovery was made when I arrived at the Dr. office, eggs in hand to a locked door and a note.

But Monday was the third time, and the third time was the charm.  We arrived at the Dr. bright and early.  Conor was not hacking and the door was open, so we figured so far so good.  We had never done a food challenge before, and although I had read about it, I was not sure what to expect.

We got taken back to a room which was to be our home for the next few hours.  I had brought all sorts of entertainment to keep Conor out of trouble, and I have to say, he really behaved quite well.  They started off with a skin test of just a histamine and egg, and of course Conor failed it miserably.  Although he failed, they said they pretty much just like to poke little children for fun, and would go ahead with the challenge anyways.  HHHMMM just how accurate are those tests anyways???

Then they started with a hard boiled egg, and just rubbed Conor's finger on it.  The nurse set a timer for 10 minutes, and when all was well, they proceeded to rub it on his lips.  He found this highly amusing, and kept saying he had on egg lipstick.  He still tells everyone how the nurse at the Dr. office gave him some egg lipstick and now he is not allergic to eggs.  Ten minutes later they had him lick the egg.  Ten minutes after that, he took a small bite, another ten minutes, another bite, and finally a big chunk of egg.  After each ten minute period the nurse came in, took all his vital signs and looked him over.  I of course just sat there staring at him, waiting anxiously to see if hives would pop up, or his face would start to swell.  In order to get him to eat the egg I had to bribe him with some left over Halloween candy, and I had one small scare, when I thought lollipop leftovers were hives covering his chin.   

There was a lot of waiting and looking, but in the end, Conor passed without a hive or swell in sight. We ended up spending almost 5 hours in the office by the time it was all over, and even got a flu shot to boot.  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

When it Rains it Pours

So, Halloween went great. Things since then have gone a bit down hill. First our computer dies. I am presently writing this from the local library at one of their little public computers. It is really a great service by the way, and I am happy to have discovered it. Unfortunately the library will be closing soon, and I think I will be kicked off the computer in just a matter of minutes. Great, more pressure....

Anyways, so Saturday morning we discovered the computer was dead. Wouldn't boot up, wouldn't boot down, just would not boot at all. My wonderful husband, after working on it for many hours (in our house working on it for him includes doing all sorts of really great helpful fix it stuff punctuated with angry words, and occasional keyboard banging). After many hours of this, he finally gave up and decided that the computer needed to go back to the retail store we had purchased the computer from less then a year ago, to see what they could do about the situation. Grampoo was in town visiting, and they packed all the children and the computer up into the minivan, and headed out into the pouring rain to take the computer to the computer hospital (as it was explained to the young folk). I stayed home to try and clean up the mess that was left over from our Halloween sugar fest.  (yes, an egg and peanut free fest)

With the rain pouring down I was able to stay in and get the place in order.  A few hours later they arrived back, and Michael ran into the house excitedly telling me that Daddy had crashed the car.  I asked if Grandpoo somehow caused the accident (it seem as though any time Grampoo gets in the car with Mick something happens.  Last time was a ticket for breaking a red light.  Mick blamed Grampoo for refusing to stop talking and talking and talking.)

Surprisingly enough this time Grampoo seemed blameless for our misfortune.  In the pouring rain the car had slid at about 5 miles an hour into the car in front causing large amounts of damage to the front right side of our car.  Thankfully it could still go, but had no front light or blinker and the front door would not open.  No one was hurt, and Conor was actually asleep, and never even woke up during the incident.  They were able to continue on, take the computer in and somehow make it home safely.  However later in the day Mick went to drive his own car only to discover the brakes were on their last legs and it was barely drivable also.

So, I am about to be kicked out of the library as it is going to close.  In one day we are down two cars and a computer.  On Monday I need to figure out a way to get Conor to the Dr. for his long put off egg challenge.

Sorry there are no exciting pictures to punctuate this fascinating tale of woe.

Wish us luck with eggs......