Monday, November 24, 2008

Is Your Olive Oil Like a Virgin - From Other Allergens That Is

We just got back from a marathon weekend of driving to visit the Grandparents in a pre-thanksgiving road trip.  It was thankfully quite uneventful, despite stuffing 7 people into two rooms the size of a closet.

Anyways, I found this very disturbing article about olive oil.  Apparently there is a disturbing olive oil conspiracy, where olive oil is cut with other oils including peanut, and soy, to lower its cost.  Some states are just enacting legislation now to protect consumers, and especially the food allergic from harm.  Just in case you did not have enough to worry about, check out the stories below.

I just also discovered that I am completely behind the boat on this issue.  The totally awesome food allergy blogger Jennifer at Food Allergy Buzz wrote about this here.  Also Kids With Food Allergies has this really great thread about it here.

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