Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wow, Time Flies When You Are Not Having Fun

I can not believe it has been so long since I have been here....almost a year and a half. Time really does fly when you are not having fun. While not here we were having the fun of a little life trauma, that is finally fully resolved. Whew!!!! I don't want to get into the specific details to maintain everyone's privacy (do I have you intrigued yet??) but just in case any of you were worried here are some important updates:

Everyone is fine.

Nothing bad has happened in regards to allergy and asthma

Conor took a peanut challenge and failed, but it was a good thing.

Super Epi-pen has not had to use his super powers

Grandma is hanging in there except for an unfortunate run in with Bells Palsey

Buster the pug is doing well also after his second cancer scare and loss of half his ear.

We got a new dog named Rooney who is a crazy hyperactive Labradoodle, but great for Conor's

I am still trying to remember how to use this lovely blog program, so this post is probably not quite as pretty as it could be.......but hey, it is what it is (something I learned over my absence) until it is something else of course.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Almost a Challenge Mr. Peanut

So, we went into the allergist for a check up a week or so ago, and while we were there, she mentioned the option of doing a peanut challenge for Conor. I have to say I was a little surprised by this request, as I have always assumed he would never outgrow it since he has asthma and is allergic to almost everything that grows or walks. Of course previous Doctors had told me that he only had a 25% chance of outgrowing his egg allergy, and after a successful egg challenge last year we have welcomed the egg back into our family with open arms. (Although I do still make my exciting and quick Coke Cake sometimes).

According to my allergist, she said she suspects that he has not outgrown it, but it is worth checking him every once in a while to make sure, and see just how reactive he is. I have to say despite my trepidation, I would really like to know just what we are dealing with here with the evil peanut....kind of like knowing your enemy. And I really trust my allergist.... she has been great with everything else including not thinking my crazy, and really explaining cough variant asthma to me. Conor's rast # were 7 or so last time he was tested, and she said if he has not had a reaction in over 2 years and is now over 5, it is worth testing him.

So I put my head around the idea for a while. Especially after she told me I would need to bring in some peanuts to do the challenge. BRING IN PEANUTS!!!! I would have to buy peanuts!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! But after it sunk in, I decided we should go for it.

But then came the real issue. For this challenge he would have to be off of any antihistamines for 7 days. I remember having problems with this for the egg challenge, but don't remember how we finally were able to do it. But we did, so I figured we could do it again now.

Later that day I went home and skipped his evening antihistamine. Then we skipped his morning dose...... Then it started........ The poor child was secreting, sneezing, coughing and itching away, after only being off of his antihistamines for not even a day. It took 3 days of extra anti-histamines and nebulizers to get him stable again. I guess we do take all that stuff for a reason.

After discussing it again with my favorite allergist we decided perhaps this would not be the best season to try and take Conor off of his antihistamines for the challenge. So after all the excitement/ fear/ surprise, it has all been put on hold again until flu season is over, and allergens have calmed down.

Almost a Challenge Mr. Peanut, Almost a Challenge

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes the Needle Is Better Then The Nose - Always Double Check Everything Your Doctor Tells You

OK, I feel like a bad bad Mommy. I thought I had learned never to trust Doctors, and always double check any information I was given, especially if it comes from a plain old pediatrician. But no, life gets busy, and somehow something I should have done slips by the back burner.

It all started when I called our local pediatrician to arrange flu shots for my three sweet young things. As I was talking to the nurse on the phone, she informed me that all three would be eligible for the flu mist instead of the flu shot. I asked her if even Conor could have it and she left for a second and then came back assuring me it was fine for him.

So, we head off to the Doctor's office last Wed, all excited to be misted and not shot, and still get our immunity to bad bugs. Everyone got the mist, and not a scream or yell was heard from the bunch. Natalie even thought it smelled kind of good!!!, And we went on our merry way to go on with our busy lives.

On Friday I picked Conor up from school, and he was secreting, hacking and sneezing to no end. Confused as to what could have brought on such an attack, I went home and drugged him and nebulized him for a few hours. After much hacking, sneezing and secreting, he fell asleep for the night, and then woke up in the morning perfectly fine, and well enough to score 2 goals at his soccer game. For the life of me though, I could not figure out what caused this sort of reaction in him, as there was nothing out of the ordinary in his day that I could put my finger on.

Later that Soccer filled day, I was talking to another parent whose son also had asthma and even goes to our same awesome allergist. I mentioned Conor had asthma also, and told her we had gotten the flu mist instead of the flu shot. This other soccer mom looked at me and told me her Dr. had said that kids with asthma should not get the flu mist. I was a bit disturbed on hearing this, as my son has asthma, and even had some sort of reaction a few days after having the mist. She told me it was even on their package insert in bold letters. OOOPPPPPSSS!!!!!

After all my distrust of doctors, I failed to double check a recommendation given not by my allergy son's allergist, but by the local pediatrician and his nurse. I feel so bad that I put Conor through an evening of fun. I subsequently went on line to check this myself, and of course it is clearly stated everywhere that the flu mist should not be given to those with asthma. Thankfully Conor only had that episode of hacking, etc, but I have still learned my lesson about double checking everything doctors tell me!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jamacian Irish Moss Peanut Drink

Just when you think you have seen everything...

Big Bamboo Irish Moss Peanut Drink,

Can 11ozIrish Moss / Sea Moss Drink - Ready to drink, right out of the can!INGREDIENTS:Water, sugar (sucrose), milk, peanut butter (roasted peanuts, dextrose, monoglycerides, and salt), corn syrup solids, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, sodium caseinate, disodium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, mono & diglycerides, soybean oil, sodium silicoaluminate, soy lecithin, artificial flavor, annatto color, modified food starch and carrageenan.
Shake Gently Before Opening.
I'll give you one good reason to try this beverage. It has been said to increase a man's sexual ability. Long before Viagra, Caribbean men have been drinking this gel-like drink to increase their natural ability.

You can buy this exciting concoction online here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

If Only Some Adults Thought More Like 4 Year Old Boys

I have just had my second appointment for my root canal, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, but root canals suck!!!! Yes, they hurt like heck, no, they are a big deal, and yes, the second appointment will hurt even more then the first!!!

OK, now that I have said that, I wanted to share a cute story. At Conor's totally great school, he has a little friend he knows from the pre-school who just turned 4. This little friend apparently went home and told his mother (as she was making him a peanut butter sandwich), that he would no longer eat peanuts or peanut butter. If Conor could not eat peanuts he would not have them either. He would only eat soy butter, and he and his mother went out together to buy some. This little boy was willing to not eat peanuts at home because his friend could not have them. If only some adults thought more like 4 year old boys.
OK, maybe not..........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Peanut Free Zones - Consent Agreement

Conor started kindergarten this week at a local little private school that I LOVE!!!! They are totally peanut and nut free, and are really consciencous about enforcing their rules. One of the things that impressed me the most is this form every student's family must fill out and agree to before entering the school. I thought I would include a copy here in case it could be of help to anyone else.
Consent Agreement

Peanut Free Zones

In order to ensure the health and safety of students at ********School, we are aware of the need to implement a peanut free zone and to inform parents and students of the severity of this allergy at the school. We humbly request parent participation in this matter so as to ensure that the *********School is a safe and fun environment for all students.

We have children with peanut and tree nut alelrgies that puts them at severe risk of death. We are therefore designating all areas of the school free of nuts/nut products and nut residue. There are signs posted around the school reminding the community of this policy.

A "peanut free zone" essentially means that nuts or food items containing nuts may not be brought or eaten at school. We also ask that any treats provided for school events or birthdays be nut free and not processed in the same facility wehre nuts have been processed.

In addition, parents and students will receive information on the severity of peanut and tree nut allergies and the risk to students. We ask parents to educate their children at home on nut allergies and are happy to provide parents with articles and materials to help them do so.

We appreciate all parent participation in this matter, and know that it is every family's goal to create a safe learning environment for all students. We are asking you to play your part in making *******School a safe environment for all of our students. Please feel free to discuss any questions/concerns with the *****School staff.

Please initial:

___I have read the Health and Safety information above.

___I understand the requirements and stipulations stated herein and agree to abide by them


Child's Name


Parent/Guardian Signature