Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things I Wish I Had Not Heard...

Having three children so close in age, I sometimes hear things that I wish I didn't.

On the way home from the dentist...

"Mommy, these new toothbrushes work really well. It is really cleaning up this penny I found on the ground."

"Look Mommy, my new toothbrush can clean the bottom of my shoes."

"Mommy, can I use this floss stuff to clean the cleats on my soccer shoes?"

Around the house...

"Mommy, Conor is cleaning the sink with the ice pack you gave him when he hurt his leg. He is even using soap and everything!!!"

"Mommy, you don't want to know how Conor is wetting his head to spike up his hair." Me, "I am sure I don't" Laughs and giggles come from the bathroom. "Mommy eeewwwwww, Conor is sticking his head in the toilet to wet his hair!! Look how spiky it is!!!"

"Mommy, Michael is wearing your bra as a backpack"