Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh No!!! He Has Asthma Too!!! Links to Get Started With

As I was bribing my sweet little boy to use his nebulizer this morning by allowing him to play the PlayStation (which I HATE) while he sat there, and was thinking back to what it was like when we discovered Conor also had asthma.  It wasn't as overwhelming as the food allergy discovery, and I knew it was a possibility since he is as atopic as they come, but it was still scary, confusing and a new world of medicines, instructions and funny devices.

So, I went back, and tried to find what sites I had saved on my computer, that I looked at to try and help calm me down.  Below is some of the ones I located on what was left of my bookmarks bar since the old computer died.  Hopefully you don't need them now, and won't need them in the future, but just in case......

This is the Allergy and Asthma Network's Mother's of Asthmatics website.  This is a great website filled with tons and tons of information.  There is so much information that I have come nowhere near looking through all of it, but it is a great resource to start searching for what ails you.  (or your child)

(click on Tips Brochures to read them first)
This is the really really great American Academy of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, and there is so much good stuff on here not only for food allergies, but for asthma.  There are great general overviews on what asthma is, what the medications are, and how to use them.

This is the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's website, and is also filled with great info on everything generally dealing with asthma. Check out the asthma overview.
Also look at the glossary of asthma terms here.

This is a great overview of what asthma is, and how it effects the lungs and breathing.  There is a ton of great general information here and a great place to start reading.

This is a great checklist from the Jewish National site about early warning signs of an asthma attack.

This explains how to create as asthma action plan with your doctor, so you have a clear picture of what you need to do and when.  It also gives you helpful tips about what to ask your doctor in developing your plan.

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