Sunday, April 26, 2009

Going on a Jet Plane

We are leaving tomorrow on our big excursion over to Ireland, and I think I am almost ready with everything. Of course as I am trying to write this two sweet little boys are pretending to hit each other with their shoes. HHHMMM, I wonder why I sometimes forget things.......

For this recent journey, I have discovered the exciting world of iphone apps. I was just looking for some entertainment, but wow these things are so cool!!!!!! I am also going to try and blog from my iphone while we are gone......I think I have it figured out, but I am quite technologically challenged, so we shall see.

My latest interesting app find is called Eat Safe.

It is basically just a series of clear illustrations that you can show to someone to get them to truly understand that no, you can not eat this food!!!

"Eat Safe, a new iPhone application ($3.99), helps bridge the communication gap between diner and waiter when it comes to ingredients in certain dishes.
The program, a model in simplicity, allows the iPhone to display a clear illustration of 18 products, such as fish, dairy products or peanuts, that the patron can’t eat.
You can download it to your iPhone from the application store or through iTunes"

Although they speak English in Ireland, this could still be a really good app for those people who just seem really dense about the fact that no peanuts really does mean NO PEANUTS!!!! Maybe it would help Grampoo...