Friday, December 5, 2008

Not So Nuts About Southwest Airlines

While searching the Internet the other day, I discovered that Southwest Airlines has a corporate blog.  When I clicked on the site to check it out I recoiled in horror.  Apparently the blog is called Nuts About Southwest, and the pages are covered with images of peanuts.  I guess that answers the ever important question I have "Does Southwest serve peanuts or nuts on their flights?"  HHhhhhmmm, I think the answer is yes.

In addition to having peanuts cover their pages, they also have a little bag of peanuts open and spilling all over the pages.  On this bag is the slogan Byte Sized Fares.  Clever, cute, and to me, who is overly sensitized to peanut issues, offensive. I don't know if it is justified, but I feel angry that instead of trying to accommodate this disability, the airline is flaunting their lack of compassion for it. 

In a Seattle Times Article from 1994 they spoke of how Southwest Airlines based its image on the peanut.

"Peanut fares. Peanut meals. Peanut jokes.

Not since South American Indians began cultivating the distinctive legumes a millennium ago have peanuts been the subject of such sustained attention.

Famed for its low fares and spartan service, Southwest Airlines bought 46.3 million bags of peanuts last year to distribute to its passengers.

They're emblazoned front and back with a Boeing 737 in Southwest's eye-catching mustard and orange colors.

Elevating the peanut to such status is all part of the nutty persona Chairman Herb Kelleher has created for the Dallas-based airline."

An issue of The Peanut Grower from 2007  discusses how Southwest Airlines gave up on peanut free snacks, and now run ad campaigns promoting peanuts.

"Southwest Airlines Promotes Peanuts
Honey-roasted and dry-roasted peanuts are once again on board Southwest Airlines. The company stopped distributing the free peanut snacks in 2005 in an effort to save money.

Kanan Enterprises, based in Solon, Ohio, provides nuts to Southwest Airlines under the King Nut name. King Nut peanuts are distributed to seven of the eight largest U.S. carriers, and Southwest Airlines is its biggest customer.

Southwest ran an ad campaign entitled, “Fly for Peanuts,” and the employee blog is named “Nuts About Southwest.”"

On their blog they also explain their Official Southwest Airlines Semi-Annual Peanut-Transition.  I know you are asking....What is the Official Southwest Airlines Semi-Annual Peanut_Transition?  Well, since you asked here is a quote from their blog.  "Every six months or so we switch from dry roasted to honey roasted peanuts, giving us all the opportunity to debate the merits of each style of nut and rehash old peanut stories. "  

I would like to rehash some old peanut stories for them, like the time my then 2 year old blew up like a basketball after eating only a tiny bit of peanut.  Or how about the time little Joey almost died from eating a honey roasted peanut.  Lets debate the merits of how his reaction would have differed if he ate a salted peanut instead.  

I think my favorite old peanut story is the one where I decided I would not be flying Southwest Airlines again, especially not for Peanuts.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Super Epi Pen Fights Bad Guys

Conor requested some bad guys for Super Epi pen to fight, so I tried to work my magic with photo shop elements again.  I asked for his advice, and he wanted to have 8 bad guys sneaking up on the picnic table.  He also enjoyed moving Super Epi Pen up and down to attack the bad guys with the mouse.  Sometimes I wonder about what goes on in the minds of little boys.

More on these bad guys later.....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder - Peanut Jewelry

I was surfing the web again this morning, and came across this web site that sells gifts that are lets just say not really to my liking.  I think it all really speaks for itself.  Check out these unique gifts here.

 "The  Peanut Jewelry Collection 
I designed this peanut jewelry in hope of showing people how beautiful the peanut is.
The 14kt. gold  has such a rich look and the new pieces with diamonds bring everything to life.
The red jasper stone that I hand carve is found in New Mexico and has the same natural color
as a real peanut.  Each piece has great detail and there are many peanut sizes to choose from in gold or sterling silver. "

Here are some examples from the collection.
The peanut cluster necklace
The diamond encrusted peanut earrings

Then I found this other site where you can purchase a real peanut that has been hand dipped into 24k gold and made into a necklace charm.

The site is called Red Freckles, and you can also purchase a necklace with an real Advil encased in resin, a penicillin pill encased in resin, and a gold dipped dog bone.

Happy Shopping

When Food Kills Documentary Video

As I was flipping through the channels the other night, I came across this very well made Australian video about food allergies and anaphylaxis.  A bit surprised I looked at what channel I was on, and discovered that I was actually on the Documentary Channel.  There is a Documentary Channel?????  Who knew???  When did that appear on my TV?????

Anyways, I only caught the last half of it, but it was a powerful and well told investigation of why people died from anaphylaxis, and what sorts of measures can be put in place to prevent these tragic deaths.  It was difficult for me to watch, but that is a good thing.  It would be an excellent video to share with those disbelieving uneducated individuals we come in contact with.

Since I have not figured out how to put video in my blog yet, I will send you over to this link at Peanut Free!!    a new blog I recently discovered.  The video has been posted there for everyone to see.  Go now and watch it!!!

You can also purchase a copy of the video here, on the Documentary Channel's website.  (The Documentary Channel has a web site???? They sell stuff??? Who knew???)