Friday, April 17, 2009

The Sports Car of the Nebulizer World

We finally sent Grampoo on his way back to Los Angeles. Whew!! that was a close one!!

Anyways I have spent the last few days trying to prepare for our trip. One of our major concerns was our nebulizer. I must bring a nebulizer. I have previously publicly professed my love for our nebulizer here. However I have been very concerned about dragging our grey brick like thing overseas on an airplane. In addition to it's rather portly size and weight, we also need to be able to plug it into the international electric circuits. Think what would happen if I blew out the nebulizer. It could be smoking, and I might just think it was the normal smoke that comes from it.

We went to my favorite allergist the other day. (Grampoo was still here, and I did not trust him to watch the little people alone, so he sat in the waiting room at the Dr, and I took 3 little children in with me to see the Dr. . FUN!)

After explaining our problem to our awesome allergist she showed me something that got my heart racing with excitement. I realized this is what some people must feel when they see a sports car. It was sleek and compact. It had smooth lines and technical innovation. It fit in the palm of my hand, but could handle its big job silently. The horsepower was incredible, and it could run on batteries, ac/dc, and even had a European adapter. I reached over to caress it, and knew I must have it at all costs.........

The appropriate arrangements were quickly made, and this beauty was delivered to my door yesterday evening. I admired it yet again, and even liked the cool fish mask that came with it. Now I am just waiting for Conor to cough so I can take it for a test drive.

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