Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I Am Glad I Did Not Get For Christmas

Peanut Shaped Soap

"Fun, realistic looking "peanut" shaped soaps! These soaps vary in size, just like real peanuts from a bag would vary. Peanut soaps are like the real "in shell" nuts, complete with textured finish. This soap set is scented. Each "nut" ranges from about 1.25" - 1.5" long and about 1/4 - 1/2" wide & thick." Check them out here.

The Quirky Peanut Characters

"History & Heraldry have created a quirky resin character that you'd be nuts to miss out on! The cute little nut characters are styled in a whole variety of occupations from Doctor to Bus Driver... so there's a nut for everyone! Each figure stands on a resin base fitted with a spring to add movement. The relevant job titles are engraved on each base and the nuts sit in nifty brightly colored open presentation boxes." Read more about these exciting peanut figures here.
You can get them in almost any occupation or character you can think of. I know a really annoying non understanding former pre-school teacher I could get this one for. he he he

A Resin Nut Bowl here.


Even those with nut allergies won't be able to resist our mixed nuts bowls. Designer Harry Allen casts walnuts and peanuts in white resin, capturing these everyday items and elevating them to the level of modern art. The perfect catchall for fruit, or even the daily mail, and a fun conversation piece. Made in the USA."
Somehow, I think I will be able to resist it.

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