Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!!!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun!! I have been out of my blog office for ages now. We had a wonderful holiday, but I am suffering from my Holiday illness. It seems every year at about Christmas or New Years, I get sick with some sort of stomach bug. A few times I have ended up at some sort of urgent care getting some sort of medicine to stop the vomiting. - fun!!

This bout with the evil illness was short lived, and I am on the road to recovery now. We had a great holiday, without any other big issues, faux paus, or traumas. There were no food allergy issues, close calls, or well meaning but scary gifts. (One year Mick brought home some peanut brittle from work without realizing it. When we opened it, it was like a bomb was in the house, and it had to be removed very quickly and carefully before it exploded. Thankfully no one was injured in the process :))

Everyone is very excited today, as we are heading off to a Noon Years Eve party at a local children's museum. They celebrate New Years at Noon instead of midnight, so all the little people can play along, and I don't have to feel guilty going to bed before midnight. As long as no one throws peanuts at noon, it should be lots of fun.

Everyone, have a safe, fun and happy New Years!!!


Jennifer said...

Happy New Year! Hope you and your family have a happy and healthy 2009!

Karen said...

Happy New Years!