Friday, October 10, 2008

A Multi Part Saga of Asthma and Allergies

Remember where I posted here and here that Conor was going to be skin tested for eggs and get his flu shot. We were taking him off of his anti-histamines for 5 days before that so we could do the tests. I had a dream of square eggs, and hatching babies......

Somehow, things did not go quite as planned. On Wednesday I stopped his allegra. On Wednesday afternoon Natalie came home from school with a cold, and somehow someone let Conor fall asleep on the grass in the backyard for an hour or so. (Don't ask -I was not there and lets just say someone was not thinking clearly - Grass is not for sleeping - especially for very allergic children!!) By Wednesday evening Conor's nose was dripping like a faucet, and he was starting to sneeze and cough. I decided that there was no way he was going to make it 5 days off his medicine now, and gave in and gave him his allegra. Of course - too little too late. We spent the night using every medicine in the house to try and keep him out of the hospital, and control his cough and strider. We were able to make it through the night, and decided we needed a visit to the allergist in the morning.

I love our allergist. She is absolutely wonderful and really knows what she is talking about while at the same time being understanding. Her office staff is not so wonderful. I called the office when they opened to say Conor needed to be seen. The receptionist nicely informed me that there were no appointments available, but I could come in on Friday or Monday. After a bit of arguing with no success, I finally said that if I could not make an appointment, I needed to leave a message for the Dr. and have her call me back. With a bit of an attitude she said that she supposed I could leave a message if I must. So I said, "please tell the Dr that Conor was up all night with croup like coughing and strider, and was having trouble breathing. He is a bit better this morning, but what sort of things can I do to keep him out of the emergency room?" She politely responded, "Why don't you come in right away?"

So we went to the allergist who listened to Conor's chest, gave him a nebulizer treatment, and ordered us a nebulizer to be delivered to our home later that evening. She also gave us lots of medicines to use with the nebulizer and without. I left with a bag full of exciting goodies to add to my at home pharmacy.

So, this is getting long enough. I think I will have to make this ongoing story into a multi part saga of asthma and allergies. Will the nebulizer be delivered in time, and if so will it help ??Will Conor end up in the emergency room with a prescription of oral steroids?? Tune in next time for the exciting next installment of our story.

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