Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Scary Nut Products - The Walnut Sponge

We made it back from our fun filled weekend with the grandparents, and I have been so wiped out that this is the first chance I have had to even really get on the computer. I somehow hurt my back last Thursday at a music class with Conor (yes, only I could hurt my back at a music class), and I am recovering from being trapped in a car for 16 hours. Overall the weekend went well. We only ate at McDonalds twice, and had a good meal at Chipotle, Macaroni Grill and Red Robin. Check out my prior restaurant opinions here.

So, since I have been away for a bit, I thought I would include another fascinating scary nut product for everyone to quake in fear of. (We are not allergic to tree nuts, but this is way to close for comfort). That is right

The Walnut Sponge

According to the Drugstore.com website, this dazzling new product has many great features including an allergy warning.

Scrubs with natural walnut shells
Sponge made from cellulose, a renewable resource
1 Scrub Sponge 4.5 in x 2.8 in x 0.6 in (11,4 cm x 7,1 cm x 1,5 cm)
Scotch-Brite® scrub sponge made with walnut shells provides effective scouring for tough jobs.
Walnut shells are natural abrasive which won't scratch most household surfaces, including non-stick cookware.
The sponge is made from cellulose, derived from wood pulp, a renewable resource.

Scour pad contains pieces of walnut shells that my be released during use. Product may cause an allergic reaction in individuals having a tree nut sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Some delicate, polished or painted surfaces may scratch. Test first in an inconspicuous area and allow to dry to verify no surface damage. Rinse thorough;y before and after each use and squeeze dry, especially when using products containing bleach. May be sterilized by boiling. Not for aquarium use."


Any sponge with an allergy warning is too much sponge for me. Thankfully they also warn you not to use it in aquariums. I wonder if fish are allergic to nuts too.

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Jennifer B said...

Yeah, isn't that crazy? A sponge with walnut shells! This has been a hot topic on the discussion groups/bulletin boards this week. I guess it's a new product. I wonder how well it will sell. I am hoping that there aren't many walnut sponges being used to clean school and restaurant dining tables.