Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Have a Dream...of Eggs

Is this my dream of eggs?
Square eggs??? AHHHHH!!!! No, not really, but that would be quite an interesting dream. This is posted on the site below along with lots of other interesting things made square including a turtle, a flower and a cat.
Is this my dream about eggs???

Yikes, I hope not. What would happen to a baby hatched out of an egg if they were allergic to eggs??? Don't worry, this is a photoshop tutorial so you too can make your own cracked egg to hatch out anything your heart desires. Yes, I do have too much free time on my hands.

I have a different sort of dream about eggs. I dream of the day where I can make pancakes, cakes and cookies using real eggs instead of trying to creatively come up with a way to make it taste ok, not stick to the pan (a big problem with pancakes), and not come out like a brick 1 in every 5 attempts. I dream of the day my quick and easy cake does not involve a can of soda and a pre-packaged box of cake mix. I dream of the day we can eat at Round Table Pizza even though they use egg in their pizza crust. (assuming they are still nut free of course) I dream of the day where I can eat an omelet at home at my kitchen table. Yes, I have a dream.

In a few weeks Conor is going to the Allergist to get re-tested for his egg allergy. Even though I know he will probably fail it, the allergist got my hopes up. She said since it has been a year since he has had any egg, maybe he has out grown it. She seemed so positive and hopeful I allowed myself to dream - just a little bit, what it would be like to re welcome the egg into our world.

I don't have the same anger towards the egg that I do to the peanut. Conor's reactions have never gone beyond hives, and minor facial swelling. The egg does not have the extreme fear and danger that is tied into the peanut for us. The egg is not evil, but merely misguided. If Conor comes across a teeny tiny bit of it, he probably won't explode. (and if he does - hey, I have an epi-pen) The egg also does not have any pretenses such as wearing a top hat, monocle and shoes, and is a nice comforting oval shape. Maybe I don't hate the egg, because people generally don't fight for their right to eggs like they do for peanuts. (this is a generality, and if I am wrong other egg allergic people please let me know, and I will help you vilify the evil egg) Eggs are not handed out in little packets on airlines, and made into a paste that is so addictive some children can not go without it for 5 meals a day while at school. I don't hate the egg, I just miss the egg, and getting the egg back in our diet would be one less thing to worry about.
Wow, all this dreaming about eggs has made me tired. Time to go to bed. I wonder what I will dream of tonight.

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