Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AAAHHHHH - A Peanut Pumpkin

Halloween is scarier than ever for those with food allergies, so I thought I would start off the season with something sure to strike fear into the hearts of those with Peanut Allergies -

The Peanut Pumpkin

Ok, don't scream and cry like I did when I first saw this unique squash. Although the outside looks like peanuts, it is in no way related to a peanut, but instead is a type of squash grown in France called the Galeux d'Eysines

It is an outstanding warty variety of squash with sweet orange flesh that is great in soups. The fruits weigh between 5 and 10 kg. For decorative purposes, it should be harvested before overly mature, because the peanut-like warts continue to grow and will cover the entire fruit. This variety does not keep for long, only about 90 days. It is a very old variety and is mentioned in France, in 1885, in the book “Les Plantes Potagères” of Vilmorin-Andrieux. It is also known as "Brodée Galeuse".

Since Halloween is coming, and I seem to now live in the pumpkin capitol of the world, I thought I would share some other unique pumpkins with you, in case the irony of the peanut pumpkin is not your idea of humor or good times at Halloween. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite unique pumpkins.

The Hungarian Blue

A blue pumpkin - how cool is that??

Marina di Chioggia

Everyone needs a green bumpy pumpkin

Blue Ballet

Blue and shaped like a pear!

Just in case you want to practice carving your own pumpkin before jumping into the real thing, check out this really cool virtual pumpkin carver here at The Pumpkin Simulator.
And Finally............

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! - The scariest pumpkin of all, the Mr. Peanut Pumpkin!!!!!!!


Jennifer B said...

That peanut pumpkin is really creepy looking, isn't it?

Jennifer B said...

Hi again Jennifer. I tried writing a humorous post (with a nod to you) about a math board game for kids called "Count Your Peanuts". I should've sent the photo to you-- I enjoy reading your posts, they're very funny. I guess writing funny isn't one of my strengths!