Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Fun Family Weekend

We are leaving tomorrow morning on an obligatory trip to visit the grandparents. Grandma has been sick, and in and out of the hospital, so we decided a trip down to visit was necessary. Despite the fact it will be great to visit, and let the little ones be spoiled by the grands, it is going to be quite an exciting weekend on the road with three little children.

This is how I predict our fun vacation will go.

60 hours of vacation fun

16 hours of driving

15 temper tantrums (10 for the kids, 5 for the adults)

10 Medications - 2 for me, 8 for Conor

9 meals while on vacation

8 hours the children spend playing with the remote control on the hotel television sets

6 times I pull over to the side of the road, and state I am not driving any further until everyone stops fighting/screaming/getting out of their seat belt.

6 hours spent swimming in the pool

5 visits to McDonalds

3 visits to In and Out Burger

3 times that I discover the grandparents have brought some unsafe food product into our hotel room, and get insulted when I try and explain again, why it can not stay there. (yes, the peanut butter granola bar does contain peanuts)

2 times while playing with the remote control in the hotel room, that someone accidental orders the pay per view movie
2 times Conor will react to something the grandparents brought in that the cat had been sitting on just before they left their home. (This is the home we can not even enter because Conor gets facial swelling just from being there)

1 visit to Red Robin

1 bouts of hives from something unknown in the hotel room that thankfully goes away with benedryl

1 mental breakdown

1 bout of coughing that will need to be treated with albuteral

1 memorable family weekend with the grandparents

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