Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween with Food Allergies - Useful Resources

I have started trying to prepare for Halloween, and decided I should consolidate all my Halloween resources into one place. Here you go. There is some great information on trick or treating safety, candy alternatives, and safe candy information. I will tell everyone how we deal with Halloween here, that has worked so far. I know, you are holding your breath waiting.

Sure Foods Living
Allison at Sure Foods Living has made the most amazing list of information on almost every possible Halloween candy you can think of. It is completely awesome!!! Allison Rocks!!!!
The quick and easy candy information list.
The full and complete candy information list

Avoiding Milk Protein's great list of information on all sorts of candy

Kids with Food Allergies Halloween info
Safety tips
Safe trick or treating

From the AAAAI
a trick or treat checklist to give you ideas to make trick or treating safer
A nice article about the dangers of Halloween for allergic kids

FAAN's tips on how to have a safe Halloween
8 Tips published by Enjoy Life Foods
(of course one of them is buy lots of enjoy life foods to have on hand, but they are really good tips.)

Allergy Moms at About.Com
A great list of ideas and alternatives for making Halloween fun for the little ones no matter what.

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April Peters said...

Hi Jennifer,

This is a great list of resources, especially with the FAAN notation. Anyhow, my name is April Peters and I own Peace of Mind Allergy Solutions. My marketing director alerted me to your post on the corn allergic bolg and your review here on Peanut Free Gallery, and I wanted to say thank you for including our product in your list! I wanted to note that I read the entry where you debated between my products and another company's insulated Epipen carrier, and let you know that I would love to send you one of our products at your choosing. ( not that I am creating a Pepsi challenge! ) I am very proud of all of our products and what we stand for. I started this company for my four year old daughter Brooke who has a life threatening peanut allergy, that has changed our lives. However, my goal is to raise her to be confident regardless of the hand she has been dealt. Therefore, our goal is style and individualism, and confidence. We want to make allergies cool! So, yes we could have created products that were insulated and bulky, but that is not what is in my heart. Brooke and children like Brooke who just want to fit in and not be singled out are in my heart. So with that being said you can contact me through our website and we can work on getting a carrier to you to 'review'!