Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Epi-Card

It's a credit card........ It's a compact's a box of mints......

NO, its the newest technology in portable ephedrine delivery - It's


Epi-Card will inject a dose of epinephrine through an easy-to-use, credit-card-sized device that is small enough to fit in a purse, wallet or pocket. He hopes his smaller design will alleviate the dangerous tendency seen in many people -- especially teenagers concerned about fitting in -- who "forget" Epi-Pen at home or leave it out of reach in a vehicle. The Epi-Card also will contain a spring device to retract the needle after use, a safety precaution no other injection system offers.
What is almost as cool as this new invention, is that it was invented by identical twins Evan and Eric Edwards who themselves suffer from life threatening food allergies. As a result of their personal experiences, they built their education around developing solutions for patients and their loved-ones facing the same challenges. Thus the Epi-Card and their company Intelliject were created.
This product is currently on the last stages of development. It is not yet approved by FDA, but they expect to get approval for the product in 2009.
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