Friday, April 10, 2009

Flying With Food Allergies

As things are starting to settle into a routine again, we somehow decided to go on a big vacation to Ireland in two weeks to visit Nana. Mick grew up in Ireland, and most of his family is still there including his mother, sister and 2 brothers and their families. We got a great deal on tickets, and at the spur of the moment decided hey, what the heck.

Now, exciting as this is, once the excitement wore off a bit, I realized that traveling with 3 little children is a challenging endeavor. But traveling with a child with life threatening food allergies and asthma is a whole other ball of wax.

We did travel to Ireland 2 years ago, and we were aware of Conor's peanut allergy. That trip went fine with no major reactions. (we did not know of the egg allergy at the time, and just could not figure out why Conor would get hives after helping to make french toast.....ooopppsss). I of course do not remember what I did to prepare, and what I need to do now yikes....

We are flying on United for the main trip across the pond, and also connecting to Aer Lingus and from my general research they both appear not to serve little bags of peanuts to all of their passengers in a snack time flurry. They also do not cover their web site with pictures of peanuts, and dress up as a peanut easter bunny too, so that makes me happy. For more on Southwest, an airline that does have a web site covered with pictures of peanuts, and dresses up as a peanut Easter bunny look here and here.

As you have probably guessed, my next few weeks will be filled with posts of preparation for our international air travel with three little people, food allergies, and asthma. I have just started my research, and FAAN is the first good resource I have found so far for general info. The FAAN Airline information page is here.

If anyone knows of any other good information sites or information in general, please let me know. I need all the help I can get......


Jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer, I came across your blog searching the internet for the ridiculous peanut free "buffer zone" on Northwest and Delta flights. My little brother has life threatening food allergies, including peanuts. The best they can do they said is not serve peanuts in the 3 rows before him and after... with no concern for the poor air ventilation or the residue on the bathroom door or overhead bins. It is sad and frustrating how insensitive people can be. I recommend you avoid flying Northwest and Delta until they take food allergies seriously, and encourage others to do the same. If you have heard about others speaking out about this, please let me know. Have a great trip! --Jennifer (

Jennifer said...

HI Jennifer,

Glad you found us. We would never fly on any plane that serves peanut snacks. Just too scary.

There are lots of others doing great advocacy for dealing with food allergies on airlines. Check out one of the coolest bloggers, Jennifer B. over at Food Allergy Buzz here. The below link has all her info on what has been done receintly about airlines and allergies, and really great people and organizations that are trying to make a difference.

J said...

Hey Jennifer! (wow, so many Jennifers! ain't it great?lol) Thanks for sending Jennifer my way. I am still waiting for an update on the whole NWA thing. I sent an email last week but haven't heard anything back. I guess that means there is no news.

I hope you have a great trip!