Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meet the Southwest Airlines Peanut Bunny

With all this talk about peanuts on airlines, and Easter comming up, I thought I would share this cool stuff I found on my internet travels. Apparently to raise money last Easter a department at Southwest decided to dress up one of their employees as the Peanut Bunny. Apparently for $1.00 you could have your picture taken with this adorable creature. Wow, sign me up for this year!!!

But you know, this story is best told in the words of its own airline Southwest, in their blog
The Soutwest Airlines Blog, Nuts About Southwest in their fine entry Here Comes Peanut Cotton Tail

"The Provisioning Department at HDQ has recently formed its own Local Culture Committee* called The Peanuts Gang. (Why all the peanut references? Provisioning is the Team that stocks our planes with our famous peanuts!) All Local Culture Committees must come up with their own fundraising ideas to earn money to support their different events during the year; thus was born the Peanut Bunny.

What exactly is a Peanut Bunny, you ask? Picture a big papier mache peanut costume dressed up with big bunny ears and a big pink bow around its neck. Now picture one crazy Culture Ambassador and a Provisioning Auditor taking turns wearing that costume with a pink nose and painted-on whiskers hopping up and down the halls, visiting different departments, and posing for pictures with Employees, bringing smiles and laughter--and peanuts--along the way, and there you have the Provisioning Peanut Bunny"

Apparently future photo ops are in the works with Uncle Sam Peanut, Beach Beauty Bikini Peanut, and Peanut Claus! Great!!!

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