Friday, January 23, 2009

Blood is Thicker Than Peanut Butter

Although I was not present, I was told this wonderful story about my children by our Au Pair Natalia. Natalia took all three sweet young things to the local park to play one afternoon while I was gallivanting around town.

Since they are so close in age, our home is filled with fighting, bickering and general turmoil and upheaval between the youngins. They fight over everything, and anything.

Here are some examples,

Child, "I want that domino"

Me, "there are 75 other domino's that are exactly the same"

Child, "but I want the exact one he is playing with."

Other Child, "I want that one and only that one too.

Here are some other things commonly heard in our home,

"Mommy, he/she touched me"

"Wwwwaaaaaaaa he bit me"

"That is mine and you can not play with it!!"




So anyways, while they were at the park, they noticed a giant jar of peanut butter sitting out on one of the picnic tables. Having been well trained by their obsessive and paranoid mother, they jumped into action to protect the safety of their little brother. After securing the perimeter of the peanut butter laden area, they decided they needed to go home and make signs to put up around the park to let everyone know the dangers of peanuts to the peanut allergic. When I got home I discovered everyone working diligently around the table coloring in peanuts and putting x's through them. They made about 10 signs and were very determined to share their knowledge with the world. Unfortunately Natalia was unaware of the proper way to spell peanut, and all the signs declared loudly - NO PEANAUTS - DANGER.

I was so touched I gave everyone a big hug, and told them how proud I was of them for looking out for their brother. They really wanted to go back to the park to wallpaper it with their signs, so I had to explain that unfortunately the part is a public area, and although peanuts are my arch enemy, many people like and enjoy them, and have every right to bring them to a public park. As a compromise they agreed to just decorate our stroller and sand toys with the signs, so everyone would know to keep peanuts away from them.

I guess blood is thicker then peanut butter.


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Love it!!

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