Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have a Confession to Make

Ok, I know what you all are thinking.....Where in the world has Super Epi Pen been??? I have a confession to make.... We did a great spring cleaning in the middle of the winter over the holidays, and somehow every time I clean I manage to lose things. I have cleaned and organized the play room, the living room, and the kitchen. In the process of all this organizing I have somehow lost Michael and Conor's music book, their music CD, and my really cool dressed up epi pen - super epi pen. Don't worry, he is not hanging around just anywhere to be played with or abused, I put him somewhere so safe, so secret, I don't even remember where it is.

I know, maybe he is really off saving the world, or just someone from an anaphalytic reaction. Maybe he is flying through the sky right now in pursuit of truth, education, and freedom from severe allergic reactions. Maybe he is upset about all the stupid journalists and wants to set them straight. I know, maybe he was invited to the Inauguration in Washington DC today. Anyways, don't worry, I am sure he will be back soon. Super Epi Pen never lets anyone down......

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