Monday, December 1, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder - Peanut Jewelry

I was surfing the web again this morning, and came across this web site that sells gifts that are lets just say not really to my liking.  I think it all really speaks for itself.  Check out these unique gifts here.

 "The  Peanut Jewelry Collection 
I designed this peanut jewelry in hope of showing people how beautiful the peanut is.
The 14kt. gold  has such a rich look and the new pieces with diamonds bring everything to life.
The red jasper stone that I hand carve is found in New Mexico and has the same natural color
as a real peanut.  Each piece has great detail and there are many peanut sizes to choose from in gold or sterling silver. "

Here are some examples from the collection.
The peanut cluster necklace
The diamond encrusted peanut earrings

Then I found this other site where you can purchase a real peanut that has been hand dipped into 24k gold and made into a necklace charm.

The site is called Red Freckles, and you can also purchase a necklace with an real Advil encased in resin, a penicillin pill encased in resin, and a gold dipped dog bone.

Happy Shopping


Jennifer B said...

That's really weird. I wonder what other foods are represented in jewelry. A mushroom?

Allergy Mom said...

A couple of years ago, I read an article in a local paper that decribed a man who wore a specially commissioned locket that looked like and held a pill of viagra.

I had about the same reaction to the peanut jewelry. Just wrong.

Jennifer said...


You would actually be surprised. I came across rice, corn and wheat for starters. I am sure mushrooms are out there.

Allergy Mom

yuck, viagra in a locket.....