Monday, October 27, 2008

Tell the FDA What You Think

Remember the time you got off the phone with a company and determined that their cheese was no longer safe since they were now making their new product - peanut butter cheese on shared lines. Then when you got to the store you checked the label of this cheese only to discover that they had not put any warnings on their labeling to tell people about this danger.

Or what about the time you got home excited about a new safe bread you thought you had thoroughly checked out at the store only to discover a tiny allergy warning on the inside bottom of the package nowhere near the ingredient label in tiny tiny letters.

Then what about the time one company just put a warning label on every product they made even though you are pretty darn sure they don't even make peanut products.

So, now is your chance to tell the FDA what you really think of the food allergy labeling practices. (I would recommend nice words only. If I told them uncensored what I really think, I would be using an awful lot of obscenities)

The FDA is accepting comments from the public on how manufacturers should be labeling foods and how the public perceives those guidelines. Whether or not you are new to food allergies, I think it will be important to share the difficulties or issues you face in reading food labels.Please visit:, type "docket number FDA-2008-N-0429" in the search box and click on "go". You can submit comments by clicking on the dialogue balloon next to "Send a comment or Submission"


Maria said...

Thanks so much for sharing this link--I am going on tomorrow to give them a (polite) earful.

I have to share my all time least favorite store for "CYA" allergy labeling -- Trader Joe's. Everything in that store carries a peanut allergy warning. Even their applesauce and that's no joke.

Jennifer said...


I completely agree with you about Trader Joes. I get so frustrated every time I go in there since there is so little that is safe for us according to their labels.

Unfortunatly we don't often shop there anymore because of this.