Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Peanut and Egg Free Cookie and Treat Options

With a changing of the guards in the Au Pair front, my life has been filled with sweet young children trying to express their feelings about adjusting to the change. Our new Au Pair Natalia seems fine, but everyone still misses Jan, and likes to find interesting and not so amusing ways to show it. I feel as though I have spent the week putting someone in time out (again, and again and again), getting cute little people to help clean up the mess they made in a fit of anger, and just trying to keep myself sane. Michael decided it would be loads of fun to give his new shoes a mud coating, Natalie refused to go to bed unless she could style my hair for half an hour, and Conor wrote every one's initials on the couch in permanent marker.

In an effort to keep myself out of time out, I took a little foray to one of my favorite stores, Cost Plus World Market.

One great thing about the local Cost Plus World Market. is that in addition to having some interesting furniture, housewares, and toys, they also have quite a good selection of foods, some of which are even in our comfort zone.

Some of our favorite treats (the egg free, nut free variety) come from our local cost plus by way of England and the McVities Company.

McVities Digestives are really yummy cookies, and some of Conor's favorites. They come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel. Hob Nob Cookies are also safe for us, and kind of crunchy.

Another favorite of Conors are Penguin Bars. These are chocolate wafer bars that are a little like kit kats, but not really. Each little bar also has a cool little joke on it that everyone loves to read before devouring their favorite treat.
After a few hours of shopping, I felt a bit better, and headed home with a bounty full of safe treats for everyone. If only there was some place I could go and buy a little sanity for myself. :)

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