Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween with Food Allergies

During those long times I spent watching Michael in time out, I realized that I promised great wisdom on what I do for our family for Halloween here, along with other really great links about how to handle Halloween for your family.

This year I think will be easier then most. Conor just turned 4, and is at that age that he is horribly afraid of everything including the dark, Chuck E Cheese (I am scared of him too though), Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, spiders and those fake plastic fingers. Last year where we used to live everyone went trick or treating at the local mall, (yes, I know this is sad and completely against anything I believe in, but I went ahead and sucked it up I for my children) and Conor was not so scared since of course we were in a mall.

This year we have moved, and it looks as though the local neighborhood is really into creating a fun trick or treating experience. Houses all around us have already put up fake graveyards with bones sticking out of the ground, ghosts, witches, mummys and who knows what else. I figure Conor will make it to maybe our next door neighbor and then insist that he must go home in a terrified screaming horrified fashion that befits Halloween. Michael and Natalie can then continue on with Daddy as necessary.

Now, how I deal with this is really not very exciting, and I have built it up so much I am sure everyone will be terribly disappointed and go......"so..", but here goes. I go out and shop for safe candy, small toys, and one other surprise maybe a toy car, or lip gloss, etc. The children go trick or treating to try and collect enough stuff to trade it all in for their secret pumpkin booty. They have to trade in everything they get, and I keep the new stuff in separate bags, etc. (I always worry that something peanut will leak out onto other stuff.) I also bring a separate bag to remove any obvious peanut stuff from the mix (especially Conor's) so I can keep it as separated out as possible, and tons of wipes just in case. This may have been much easier at a mall then outside in the dark, but it has worked in the past. Then we put aside all the unsafe candy, and Daddy takes it to work in the morning, or we pass it out after the little people have gone to bed.

It is supposed to rain here on Halloween, so who knows what will happen, but that is my plan.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!!!


Mary said...

Good story!

My friend also posted a blog aboutbeing careful during halloween and I would like to share it with you.


Jennifer said...


Thanks so much for the site. It is so interesting to read all the stories from the ER Dr. perspective.