Friday, September 19, 2008

No Fair, She has Homework and I Don't - School Without Food Allergies

I have whined and complained about our local kindergarten and how utterly confused I am by all that it provides (or does not). It has provided me endless hours of stress about how my food allergic child could attend ( he can't), and where in the world the teacher disappears to during snack time. Despite the fact that I have decided that there is no way in heck that Conor can attend the same school as Michael and Natalie next year, I have to say, those sweet twins who were previously nicknamed "trouble" and "maker", a "temper" and "tantrum" absolutely love their kindergarten.

I figured I would document here, some of the funny little comments they have said, since I know 5 or 10 years from now they will never admit having said them.

They love going to school so much that they get upset when the weekend comes around and there is no school to go to. The first weekend they thought I was punishing them for not letting them go to school on the weekend.

Also, they are very competitive with each other, and one day Natalie came home from school, and excitedly opened her Barbie Wedding Backpack to show me her first homework. She was so excited to have homework that she paraded it in front of Michael and Conor, taunting them that she had homework and they did not. This particularly angered Michael, who angrily declared it was not fair that his sister had homework, and he did not, and proceeded to throw a loud tantrum about his lack of homework. We finally solved this problem by creating homework for everyone to do, and peace reigned again. (at least momentarily)
I had been looking at the school for so many weeks now about all the problems there were, I just realized how great it has been for Michael and Natalie. Sometimes I have to back away from how things effect my food allergic child, and not forget that Michael and Natalie are enjoying kindergarten, doing well, and driving me crazy with tons of spanish gibberish as they absorb the Spanish from their class. It may not be safe for Conor, and that is &^%$#%&&, but I should not let that get in the way of Michael and Natalies experience there.

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Jennifer B said...

Oh, that is cute that they wanted homework! My 4 year old has similarly requested homework when big brother has his! Isn't that funny!? I also am trying to figure out where my PA son will go for kindergarten. There is no "safe" place and I honestly don't want to homeschool. I am not sure what the best thing is to do. There are quite a few kids with epipens and food allergies (mostly peanut/nut) at the elementary school already. Everyone else seems to be much more casual about it. I don't get it. He will need to have his epipens with him when he has recess, not at the nurse's office. Yet, no one else seems to do that. All those epipens are in the middle of the school. It could take several minutes to get there...It really bewilders me...

But, glad to hear the kindergartners are enjoying themselves. What a wonderful age!