Thursday, September 18, 2008

Even More Great Peanut Allergy and Food Allergy Links

The only upside to having so much stress over where Conor will go to school next year (yes, why not start my stress early so I can enjoy it for longer), is that I have uncovered even more great peanut allergy resources. Check out these great links below.

This is the Allergy Moms Newsletter from August 2008. I just found it on my travels along the Internet superhighway during my school stresses, and it is really great. There is an article entitled "10 Things Every Food Allergy Child Wants You to Know", which is an insightful look into what it is like to be a food allergic child. There is another article with great info on 504 plans, and a really complete school checklist to help me stress out further about what is needed for school.

This appears to be some sort of teaching information from a continuing education class. (Yea to the place that has continuing education classes on Peanut Allergies!!) It has alot of great information in a clear and easy to follow manner, and would be a great education tool for anyone who is willing to read it.

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