Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pre-School Graduation

Last Friday was Michael and Natalie's graduation from pre-school. For all of you laughing right now, yes, their pre-school does have a graduation and yes it was very nice. The kids all wore graduation hats, sang songs, received diplomas and gave speeches. I was so proud. I can not believe my sweet little twins will be going to snif snif kindergarten.

After the touching ceremony, there was a little reception in the play area. Of course a newsletter was put out where of course I requested that no nuts be present. And yes, of course someone brought nuts. And not just a product that may contain nuts, or nut was just an ingredient in, but a huge, giant, glowing bowl of nuts.

Thankfully the snacks were off to one side, and Conor was much more interested in the giant bag of cookies I brought to keep him out of trouble. But Geezz doesn't anyone read those newsletters the schools hand out.

Now Michael and Natalie are off to kindergarten. They will be attending a Spanish Immersion program, where they will learn Spanish as an integral part of their education. Conor has one more year of pre-school and then he too will be going to kindergarten. Now that will be loads of fun. I guess I better start studying my Spanish.

Does anyone know how to say peanuts in Spanish???

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