Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All I Want For My Birthday is a Red Medical Alert Bracelet

Conor is going to be 4 years old on Monday. That means Michael and Natalie will be almost exactly 5.5. It is amazing how the time passes so slowly, and yet so quickly at the same time.

So I have the exciting at home birthday planned. (I try and keep them with only family for as long as I can!!) I need to make my egg free, nut free, vegan coca cola cake with the Power Rangers Jungle Fury saving the world on the top. I need to hang up my very over used Happy Birthday sign, and maybe buy some red birthday plates and red hats.

Conor loves the color red. When he was just over one he assigned everyone in the house their own color. At the time he was yellow, Michael was blue, Natalie was red, I was orange (I have not clue and Mick was green. If something was the person's assigned color then they owned that item. If a chair was blue, only Michael could sit on it, Yellow, only Conor could sit, etc. After a while, Conor decided he liked the red power rangers, so red became his new color. Now he has to wear red clothes, red cups, only color with red crayons, and have a red cubby at school.

A few weeks ago I asked Conor what he wanted for his birthday. He turned to me, very seriously and said "All I want for my birthday is a red medical alert bracelet."

Of course he wanted a red medic alert bracelet. He has been eyeing the picture of medic alert bracelets on the ad at the back of Allie the Allergic Elephant for months now. I found this very sweet, and very sad at the same time. I am happy he accepts he is wearing his medic alert bracelet, but what almost 4 year old wants a new one for his birthday???

We have been very happy with the medic alert company though, as far as bracelets go. Conor has the most sensitive skin ever. He will only wear these same pair of pants that are kind of like pajama pants because anything else bothers his skin. He has about 10 pairs of the same ones and wears them every single day. I am sure people think I dress the poor child in the same pair of pants all the time, but no people, they are actually different pairs. Anyways, despite his very sensitive skin, he always wears his bracelet and is never bothered by it.

I also like that in addition to what is printed on the back, it also has the call in feature. That way if Conor gets lost, the bracelet does not have his name on it, but anyone can call and get all the varied different ways to contact me. They can also discover not to give him a peanut butter cookie with an egg salad sandwich, and allow him to pet the local cat to make him feel better. And certainly not to give him amoxicillian for his infected cut. It is also easy for me to update his information when we discover that he is severely allergic to yet another thing without getting an entirely new bracelet.

Maybe Conor is on to something. Only the cool kids have Medic Alert bracelets.

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