Monday, August 4, 2008

Running away from nuts.

We had a really good and exciting weekend. Mick and I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon on Sunday. Before you think I am one of these great fast running people, and might be impressed, don't be. Mick is really fast. I am not. In fact, I am kind of chubby, and I don't even run, I waddle. And then I also walk alot. so maybe I jaddle, or perhaps woggle. But really, before I joined this training group to run a marathon last year I could not even run a mile, at the end I could woggle 26.2. If I can do it anyone can.

Before any big race there is an expo where you need to go and pick up your bibs, timing chips, etc. There are also tons of people selling anything you can think of related to running, and lots of free samples. Initially I thought it would be a great idea to take everyone on Sat to the expo, and let them explore around with us. Conor had a Dr. appointment with the allergist on Friday, so there was no way I could make it then when I had someone to watch the young folk. On Wed I got a call from the allergist that Conor's appointment had been cancelled, as our Dr could not be there and I needed to reschedule. Although this was kind of annoying, I was happy that instead I could go to the expo myself without trying to keep track of three very curious children in a large crowd.

So I go up to San Francisco Friday afternoon, and head into the expo all ready to pick up Mick and my bibs and check it out. As I walked in the entrance I smelled a horrible, rancid evil smell. I looked around wondering why no one else was concerned and running for the doors. Then I saw what was causing the smell. At the side of the pavilion was a giant stand handing out hundreds and hundreds of samples of freshly roasted peanut butter. There was peanut butter everywhere, in peoples hands, in little plastic cups all over the floor, on little plastic spoons littered everywhere. Then, to add insult to injury there was another table by the exit with a giant bowl of peanuts in their shell to be taken and shelled at any ones leisure as they were perusing the expo.

I was so relieved that I had not brought Conor with to this peanut ridden event. I thought back to the allergist's phone call canceling his appointment and letting me go alone, and wondered just for a second if she knew something I did not. Perhaps it was divine intervention, perhaps good luck, but it did remind me of something - runners love their nuts.

One cool thing I did discover was something that could be used for an epi-pen carrier. It is called the spibelt.
Apparently it fits an mp3 player, keys, cell, etc and it does not bounce. The SPIbelt does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities They already market to the diabetic market ( wow, a bit of a pun) SPIbelt is a proud supporter of, the national team of fearless triathletes with Type I. Their Black belt with the brilliant orange zipper contributes $1 to the organization.

I spoke with the representative at the expo (who thankfully was no where near the peanut butter tent) and she said they have been looking into the epi-pen market, and may expand there soon. They also make the belts in children's sizes also and if anyone is interested in the kids ones just call or email. I bought one to test it out, but have not really had the chance yet. I am hoping maybe Mick will wear it also. I will keep everyone updated.....

So, it turned out to be a great weekend. Mick and I did our personal best in a half marathon, no one got hurt, and I did not throw up. A success all around.


Kelly said...


Hi! My name is Kelly & I am the Sales Manager for SPIbelt.

I was wondering if it would be ok with you if we linked this page of your blog to our website:

We always love sharing positive experiences from people & would love to share your experience.

P.S. I was actually the representative who sold you the SPIbelt at the San Fran expo. I used to like peanut butter, but ended up eating way too many of the samples at the expo (for lack of food) & now would be fine without it for a while :)

Thanks Jennifer!

Kelly Coleman

Jennifer said...


Yes, it would be great if you linked this page to your website.

I remember talking with you at the expo also :)