Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peanut Allergy at School - Watch out for the Friendly Fire

So, I take Conor to school today. No, this is not the school that Cruella runs, but our local little pre-school in our new small town neighborhood. I love this pre-school, and everyone is very nice and really does try to accommodate Conor to the best of their abilities. Yes, as I know to well, sending a child to school with food allergies, and especially a life threatening peanut allergy is fraught with danger. I thought I had dealt with the enemy

but instead forgot to always watch out for the friendly fire.

As I walked in the door of the school I saw a small can of almonds sitting on a table with a tag nicely stating "take one" Thankfully it was almonds and not peanuts, or I would probably have had a breakdown right then. If there was a picture of Mr. Peanut on the can, I surely would have been a blubbering sobbing mess. But lucky for us all it was only almonds. My first thought was to take the can, run out the door, run over to the local cliffs, and launch it out as far as I could into the ocean. Then of course my disturbed little mind thought "oh no, what if they got on the beach, and some poor unsuspecting nut allergic child got a hold of them and had a reaction. I could never forgive myself.

So I took a few deep cleansing breaths and walked over to our new school director.

(Lets call him Doc the Dwarf from the Seven Dwarfs to protect his identity

Anyways, I calmly walked over to Doc with the can of nuts in my hand and politely said "can I ask you a favor?" Of course in my mind was the thought "You stupid idiot!!! How dare you endanger my child by leaving this poison out here for anyone to get at!!!! What were you thinking??? #@###!!@#&*&^^&^&**(((&^%$^&*((#$$#!!"

Doc responds in his authoritative yet misguided way, "why of course, any favor you need" I asked him to please remove the nuts from the table and preferably the wonderful establishment as soon as possible because they could possibly harm my sweet little boy. Doc apologized profusely, and let me remove the offending allergy evil from the school. His last comment to me as I left for the day was, "Don't worry, we will get better at his with practice."

So just a reminder allergy friends. Always watch out for friendly fire.

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