Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Peanut Allergy Posters

I love things that are free. They make me feel like I have won a prize, or at least won something. It is just that winning feeling you can never have to often.

Anyways, a while ago while I was having some unpleasant discussions with our prior pre-school. (Yes, this is the pre-school that fed Conor and all the other 2 year olds peanut butter, and where his first reaction occurred) This not so nice pre-school director

(lets call her Cruella to protect her identity),

decided that the school needed to have a no sugar policy, but refused to have a no peanut policy. (Apparently it is not ok to eat sugar and learn bad eating habits, but it is ok to allow a child to have a potentially fatal reaction in her school). This was despite the fact that Cruella admitted that she was very very wrong to feed such young children peanut butter crackers in the first place and was deeply deeply sorry and the fact that Cruella's own granddaughter who attended the school also had a peanut allergy. Anyways after many discussions, threats, etc we came to a compromise where the downstairs classrooms and playground where Conor was were nut free, and the separate upstairs for older children was not. She also refused to really participate in educating anyone on anything, and it was left up to me.

As the next school year began, Conor had one of the most wonderful teachers ever. She had been Michael and Natalie's teacher the year before and I love her. She let me do whatever I wanted to try and make the classroom safe. So I went on an Internet quest to find information and peanut free posters, etc to post all around the room, door, and to send home with every parent. On this search I came across this web site:

Peanut Allergy Info

They have a wonderful selection of free posters. There are ones for peanut allergies, ones for nut allergies, and even some for other allergies such as fish and cats. I printed out many of them and laminated some. Then I wallpapered the entire door and interior of the class room with many many many different peanut free/nut free classroom/school posters.

Did I mention they are all free??

And just in case you ever need it, there are also some really yucky but informative photos of hives.

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