Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Know You Are the Parent of a Food Allergy Kid When...

For those of you that have not been there yet, check out the totally awesome site Kids With Food Allergies. (Yes, I was a Valley Girl in my youth. Really, I grew up in the San Fernando Valley - home of the Valley Girl) It is a really great place with lots of great information.

While I was reading the support forums, I came across a great post that made me laugh at our not so funny situation of being parents of a child with food allergies. Check out the post "You Know You are the Parent of a Food Allergy Kid" here.

Some of my favorites are...

"...DD playing "Mommy" with her doll is feeding from the WHITE (Neocate-color) disappearing liquid bottle after totally rejecting the orange one and then giving Baby a neb treatment.

You know you're a pofak when finding a new safe candy bar gets you as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning. And, you have to tell the stranger standing behind you in the line why you are so excited. can glance at a list of 20+ ingredients in minuscule font and pick out all of your allergens (including derivatives) in less than a second."

Of course this inspired me to think of a few of my own...

You spend hours deciding on what sort of product you should carry your child's epi pen in, and then a few more hours deciding if you should get the carrier in red race car fabric, or the cool floral. In the end you finally decide to buy both so you can have your choice of which you want to carry.

You unabashedly hate an advertising figure, and blame him for the downfall of modern civilization simply because it is an advertising figure for the food your child is deathly allergic to.
So there Mr. Peanut - I hate you and am proud of it!!

Even though you can not cook to save your life, you learn to bake and decorate nut free, egg free and dairy free cakes in the shapes of dolls, 3-D cars, and every character imaginable, just so your allergic child can have a birthday cake that is cooler then everyone else's bakery bought ones.

When you first make the wacky cake recipe you learn that if you combine vinegar and baking soda, you can make a cool volcano type eruption.

You know that there is such a thing as egg free mayonnaise, and that it really does taste pretty good.

All your son wants for his 4th birthday is a red medical alert bracelet.

I am sure I have tons more, but I am all tapped out for now. I would love to hear other peoples.


Jennifer B said...

I got one. You know you are a parent of a food allergic kid when finding safe pizza brings tears to your eyes, and he says to the boy beside him "Look, I'm eating it too!"

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Krista said...

You know you're the parent of a nut allergic kid when you turn the channel every time a Jiffy commercial comes on, curse the mere mention of George Washington Carver and can smell a peanut within 500 feet!
Your blog makes me smile every time I read it - thank you!

Jennifer said...

Jennifer and Krista,

Those are good ones. I too can smell a peanut within 500 feet, and get very excited if I find any safe foods like the other kids.