Sunday, November 2, 2008

When it Rains it Pours

So, Halloween went great. Things since then have gone a bit down hill. First our computer dies. I am presently writing this from the local library at one of their little public computers. It is really a great service by the way, and I am happy to have discovered it. Unfortunately the library will be closing soon, and I think I will be kicked off the computer in just a matter of minutes. Great, more pressure....

Anyways, so Saturday morning we discovered the computer was dead. Wouldn't boot up, wouldn't boot down, just would not boot at all. My wonderful husband, after working on it for many hours (in our house working on it for him includes doing all sorts of really great helpful fix it stuff punctuated with angry words, and occasional keyboard banging). After many hours of this, he finally gave up and decided that the computer needed to go back to the retail store we had purchased the computer from less then a year ago, to see what they could do about the situation. Grampoo was in town visiting, and they packed all the children and the computer up into the minivan, and headed out into the pouring rain to take the computer to the computer hospital (as it was explained to the young folk). I stayed home to try and clean up the mess that was left over from our Halloween sugar fest.  (yes, an egg and peanut free fest)

With the rain pouring down I was able to stay in and get the place in order.  A few hours later they arrived back, and Michael ran into the house excitedly telling me that Daddy had crashed the car.  I asked if Grandpoo somehow caused the accident (it seem as though any time Grampoo gets in the car with Mick something happens.  Last time was a ticket for breaking a red light.  Mick blamed Grampoo for refusing to stop talking and talking and talking.)

Surprisingly enough this time Grampoo seemed blameless for our misfortune.  In the pouring rain the car had slid at about 5 miles an hour into the car in front causing large amounts of damage to the front right side of our car.  Thankfully it could still go, but had no front light or blinker and the front door would not open.  No one was hurt, and Conor was actually asleep, and never even woke up during the incident.  They were able to continue on, take the computer in and somehow make it home safely.  However later in the day Mick went to drive his own car only to discover the brakes were on their last legs and it was barely drivable also.

So, I am about to be kicked out of the library as it is going to close.  In one day we are down two cars and a computer.  On Monday I need to figure out a way to get Conor to the Dr. for his long put off egg challenge.

Sorry there are no exciting pictures to punctuate this fascinating tale of woe.

Wish us luck with eggs......

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