Monday, June 2, 2008

This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System, This is Only a Test........ I Think

OK, Here I am, I think I am doing it. This is a test post on my new and exciting blog.

This is my blog with comments and musings on my life as a stay at home mother to 5 year old twins, and an almost 4 year old. My wonderful husband works in the biotech industry. My youngest son has life threatening allergies to peanuts, is allergic to eggs, and has eczema, asthma, and more allergies to everything that grows then I care to remember. He is also allergic to cats, dogs, dust, penicillin, and many many many many many other things we have not discovered yet. We have an Au Pair from Thailand that lives with us, who is a wonderful help. She has even taught me how to say help in Thai.

I just got interrupted there for a minute by some chaos on how Jan (our Au Pair) somehow stepped on Michael's (one of the 5 year old twins) nose. I had to stop for a few minutes to discover
1) Is he OK?? and also...
2)What was his nose doing in a place Jan could step on it.

Ok, back to me. I also run marathons, go to Weight Watchers on an endless pursuit to lose weight. (yes you can run a marathon and still be "chubby"), and just try to make it through the day without pulling my hair out

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