Sunday, December 7, 2008

Watch Out For The Peanut Ducks

Just when I thought I had seen just about everything, I came across this unique peanut in the shape of a duck. And then, just in case you thought that was enough, I also discovered this blog called This Peanut Looks Like a Duck. Yes, a blog dedicated to peanuts and other things that happen to look like ducks. People send in images of things they have seen that they think look like ducks. There are pictures of scrambled eggs, MRI's and clouds. Apparently this all began because some duck lovers saw a peanut that looks like a duck, and whalllaaa a new blog was born. They even sell images of their logo of a peanut that looks like a duck on t-shirts.

But apparently all this quackiness (could not resist that pun) does not end here. Someone out there has written a New Biology of this new animal the Peanut Duck.

"#15235 - Peanut Duck! (amphicarpa anas plathyrhynchos)
Peanut ducks have the legs and bill of a duck and the body of a monkey nut. Peanut ducks were first discovered in 1671, when they were proclaimed 'a fear-some mishe-mashe of plante and fowle' by the Church. However, after two centuries of relentless persecution, it became clear that the creatures were far too clumsy on land to be any threat, and they were left to their own devices. The peanut duck is also a dance"

There is also information on their habitat, mating habits, relationship with man, and an interesting photo of their internal physiology.

And finally believe it or not, people are selling these creatures on ebay. The starting bid is .99 cents, and there do not appear to be any bids yet. I hope no one decides to give us this unique gift for the holidays.

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