Monday, November 17, 2008

Always Take Your Epi Pen - Super Epi Pen Flies Around the Country

Since the creation of Super Epi Pen, everyone in the house has been very excited to figure out what sort of exciting things he can do.  Although they were impressed with him posing and flying, they wanted to know how Super Epi Pen would travel around anywhere he was needed. What if we were up in San Francisco for the day????  What if we traveled to New York on vacation???  Would Super Epi Pen be able to get to these places to save the day.  I tried to explain that it is very important that we always take an epi pen with us wherever we go, but Conor wanted to imagine that us carrying the epi pen with us always was like Super Epi Pen flying anywhere he was needed.  So, I decided to play with photoshop yet again, and try to show Super Epi Pen flying all around the country.  Upon seeing this Conor said "Yea Super Epi Pen is flying, that is what it is like if we take him everywhere."

Super Epi Pen is flying over near the bay bridge in San Francisco.

Super Epi Pen is flying by the Golden Gate Bridge

Super Epi Pen flies by the Statue of Liberty

Please let me know if there is anywhere else you would like to see Super Epi Pen fly.  If you take your epi pen with you, it too will be a Super Epi Pen.


Jennifer B said...

Seriously? ok: the Taj Mahal, Tai Pei 101, the Eiffel Tower. Because Super epi pen can go anywhere in the world! Nothing will stop him. :)

kelly said...

That is hysterical! Honestly, I can't stop laughing...will have to show my john that.

Christine said...

Hi we need Super Epi Pen to fly over the Rocky Mountains to visit us in Colorado! I'm sure it would be an beautiful flight.


Jennifer said...


Hhhhmmmm, he may just take a flight over to Colorado soon.