Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Super Epi Pen is my Super Hero

I am sure you have all been wondering recently what my obsession is with super heros, and why I feel the need to dress up all sorts of things around me as super heros.  My husband saw me dressing up the epi pen as Super Epi Pen, and thought all the recent stress had gotten to me, and I had finally, officially lost my mind.  But no, there is some sort of bizarre logic behind all I do, even if it only makes sense to me.

True, I dressed up Buster the Pug long ago, but the new desire to dress up epi pens as super heros is a new phenomena for me.  I think it really started when Conor recently discovered that the epi pen is actually a shot he would have to receive if he got sick from eating a peanut, or getting too close to a cat.  His new modus operendi is to run screaming in the other direction if anyone even mentions a shot.  (this was loads of fun when he was getting his flu shot).  He did not want to see the epi pen, was upset if he saw me take the epi pen out with us, and said he would never, ever, ever let it be used on him.

To try and explain why the epi pen was really a good thing, I started trying to describe it to him in terms he would understand.  Conor loves Superman and super heros in general (the fruit does not fall far from the tree).  I explained to him that the epi pen was kind of like a Superman, who would fly in to save him in an emergency.  It was not a bad guy who was there to hurt him, but a good guy who was there to save the day.  Conor really liked this idea, and asked what Super Epi Pen would look like.........

Taking inspiration from one of the greatest artists of the 21st Century, Terry over at Bent Objects, and helping Natalie pry those annoying Barbie clothes on and off of dolls countless times, it occurred to me that I could make a Super Epi Pen that Conor could actually see in person.  Then when the computer died, I got a new version of Photoshop Elements on the new computer that I have been trying to figure out, and lo and behold Super Epi Pen was created.

I made an initial prototype with a trainer epi pen, and everyone (children that is - the adults still think I have lost it) in the house thought it was just the best thing ever.  They liked to try and make it fly, and practice how to use it to save the day if someone was suffering from anaphylaxis.  I played with photoshop for a bit, and everyone loved watching Super Epi Pen pose for the camera and fly through the air.  Everyone started making up stories of what Super Epi Pen could do, and all the different ways he would save the day.  He would fight dangerous allergies, he could fly anywhere all over the world to help anyone in need, and he could save lives.  Our new super hero was born.

The best part of it all though was that when Conor saw Super Epi Pen he said he would be OK getting the shot from the epi pen if the shot came from Super Epi Pen.  He said he wanted Super Epi Pen to come with us everywhere we went, and felt safer knowing our super hero was with us.  To me the epi pen is my super hero, because it can help to save Conor if he suffers from anaphalyxis.  Super Epi Pen is also a hero to not only Conor, but to me, because it helps a little boy who has been stuck with too many needles, and lives with too many restrictions to understand things he should never have to understand.  


Jennifer B said...

Jen, this was a really good post!

Jennifer said...


Thanks... I had a bit too much fun dressing up epi pens. I think I may have to do more of it in the future. he he he

Gia said...

I was searching images for my peanut/treenut allergic daughter to use in an "all about me" school project and found this post - what a terrific idea for kids to use to talk to other kids about their epi pens.

Jennifer said...


Thanks so much for the nice comment. I am glad you and your daughter liked it!!