Friday, September 12, 2008

Stressed? - Squeeze a Peanut

Life has been pretty darn stressful the past few weeks, and does not appear to be letting up anytime soon since Mick is going out of town again next week. Lucky him - unlucky me. In an effort to try and relieve some of my stress, I have been looking for new and exciting ways to help relieve my stress.

On my first search, I came across the below inexpensive, but instructive guide to stress reduction.

When this did not really seem to relieve any long term stress, I searched further into ways to rise above all the issues around me. Finally, I came upon the answer, so ironic I broke out in laughter, momentarily forgetting about schools, doggie cancer, sick grandparents, and cranky children.
The Peanut Stress Ball
Here was a way to release my tension by simply smashing a peanut with my bare hands. I could stomp up and down on the peanut, kicking it in the air, and watching it fall heavily to the ground. Maybe I could even dress it up like Mr. Peanut before stomping it into the ground once again. I can throw it into the wall, and squash it into a tiny ball, all without worrying about washing my hands before coming into contact with Conor. Here is the answer to my stress.

Then of course, I looked further to read how they were promoting this innovative product on their web site.
According to the sales pitch on the website,

"Our Peanut Stress Balls are all made by hand. Most importantly, the purpose of the Peanut Stress Ball is to relieve stress and have fun! Whether you stick it on a sandwich or pop them at baseball games, the peanut is here to stay. Why not take advantage of a great snack with the customized Peanut Stress Ball? Grocers, health food stores and even circuses can take advantage of the familiar design and use this durable product to promote their businesses. If you're dealing with food related marketing, the Peanut Stress Ball could be a chief ingredient in the quest for success. Salted or unsalted, these peanuts can be quite a treat for your next campaign. "

I should not have read that....Now I am stressed again!!!

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