Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to School - 504 Plans Information

As I go crazy trying to analyze whether Conor will be able to attend the same school as Michael and Natalie next year, I have been doing a little more research into 504 plans. I was a lawyer in a previous life, so I take a perverse pleasure in researching these things.

Probably the best place to get started with a 504 is over at the Food Allergy Support Message Boards here.
They have done an absolutely amazing job compiling and organizing tons of great information on 504 plans, and how many people deal with their schools and keeping their children safe.

they also have a great list of other links to look at to get even more info on 504 plans. Some of the ones I really like are

This is the government's Office of Civil Rights information on just what a hidden disability is, who qualifies, and what the schools need to do to help keep the children safe.

This is from the Food Allergy Initiative which has wonderful information on a wide variety of topics relating to food allergies. I really like this article because it goes over what sorts of questions you should ask yourself when trying to come up with your own child's 504 plan. There are even formatting examples of how you should do some of the wording in the document that you can use when writing up your own plan.

This is a great site that gives you a simple straight forward overview of what a 504 plan is and who it applies to. It explains the difference between a 504 and IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), how they relate to each other, and which plan applies to what disability.

So there you go. Don't get too glued to the page that you stay up all night.


Jenny said...

Hi Jennifer,

I had not been on your blog in awhile, and I just noticed your new blog "icon" featuring my concept, The Peanut Avenger. The picture is one thing, but then you actually use the words "The Peanut Avenger." I think you would agree that this was my idea. I feel very uncomfortable with this for obvious reasons.

Because this concept/words are cropping up whenever you post a comment on a blog (as well as on your own), I feel that you are inaccurately attributing this idea to yourself.

I am in the process of completing a copyright for my blog, so I would appreciate it if you would abandon this concept and choose one of your own.

You're doing a great job on your blog and there is room for all of us out here--but I think it's important as writers that we stick to our own ideas an concepts when presenting them as our own.

Good luck with your blog and your advocacy efforts.

Jennifer said...


I am really sorry, and I never meant to infringe on your concept. I just thought it was a cute picture, but I have already removed it from my profile.


PAInfo said...

Thank you so much for your recognition of our free support boards at ( re-direct to Hyperboards address).

Please see some of our latest additions to the Schools section there, most especially copies of OCR resolutions and results which may prove extremely beneficial to the LTFA community.