Sunday, August 24, 2008

More EpiPen Carrier Options

The Epipen Sleeve

(Sorry, I just could not get a photo from here to work. Check out the site below for photos)

This is an EpiPen carrier that can be worn on the shin, thigh or upper arm, and can be easily hidden under clothes. It can carry two EpiPens and is great for sporty or athletic people.

The Leg Buddy

Especially designed so you can comfortably wear it on your leg/ankle all day long. Made out of soft breathable neoprene material that contours to your body. Holds up to 2 epinephrine auto injectors such as EpiPen 2Pack.

The Frio Cooling Carrier - Hot Stuff

Made for the diabetic market, the Frio Cooling wallet is an excellent option for those who worry about keeping their EpiPens cool in hot climates. According to the website, "The FRÍO® Cooling Wallet: The most simple and convenient cooling system now available for medication. "FRÍO® cooling wallets are the ultimate stylish accessory for the safe and convenient transport and storage of insulin, and other medications that must be kept cool".The principle is simple. Activate the wallet by immersing it in cold water for 5-15 minutes. Crystals within the panels of the wallet then expand into a gel form, which remains cool for several days - relying on only the evaporation process for cooling. Then towel dry the outside cover and it's ready to go!Although activated by water, a feature of the product is that after towel-drying, the FRÍO® wallet is dry to the touch.It is re-usable and can be used either continuously or intermittently."

Go Ride A Bike

The EpiPen Holder is a holder for an EpiPen for those outdoor enthusiasts that have serious allergies to insect bites and what to keep their EpiPen close and convenient when enjoying their outdoor activities. The Holder can be easily attaches to a bike, ATV handlebar, or anywhere else you would like to have it close by.

Have It Your Way

This is a really cool site that will custom make EpiPen carriers for you to fit whatever your needs are. They have some pre-made options and styles available, but will work with you to create whatever you need. What a great idea!!! The site also has some relaxing peaceful music when you enter in case you are having a stressful day.


Jennifer B said...

This is really helpful info. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of epi-pen carriers. I still carry my son's in a ziploc!

Sophia said...

Thanks for the information. I ordered the Legbuddy from and my teenage son loved it. Finally I found something he likes to carry the Epipen. Thanks