Saturday, March 21, 2009

Being Sick Sucks Lollipops!!!!

I can not believe it has been almost an entire week since I last posted.Wow, time flies when you are sick. First Conor was sick, and when Conor gets sick any schedule, organization, or rest goes out the window. We get to hang out with our good friend Plain Old Brown Nebulizer 3-4 times a day. Sometimes I think I should just name the darn thing, we spend so much time with it. Lets see, 3 times a day average, 15-20 minutes at a time - wow, that is about an hour a day with Mr. Nebulizer. 7 hours a week, 28 hours a month...yikes!!!
Things I wish I did for 7 hours a week
take naps
get massages
watch tv
breath deeply
breath quickly
listen to the quiet in my house
compliment my children for getting along so well
play on the Internet
play off the Internet
walking the dog
petting the dog
acknowledging the dog's existence
eating lollipops
go for a walk in the park

Then of course after spending countless nights up with Conor coughing in my face, I too caught some evil illness that left me sniffling, sneezing and coughing for over a week. Thankfully I do not have asthma, but it was (and still is) not lots of fun. Then we had a few bouts of vomiting in cars from other folks, a cool nosebleed, and a fun trip to our favorite Doctor to round out our week. (aren't you glad you decided to come over here and read this????)

So, I am off to tend to some more sick people. Maybe I will even tend to myself a bit.....:)


Karen said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Jennifer said...


Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes....


Jennifer B said...

Hey Jennifer, hope everyone gets healthy soon and stays that way for a while! Both my boys are sick now too. Supposedly, it's spring, so I am ready to move past the cold season! :)