Friday, February 20, 2009

Always Know Your Target Audience When Selling a Product!!!

"For every kid out there with peanut allergies, these erasers are for you. No more peanut deprivation! Just don’t eat them…Bag of five erasers"

(Yes, this is the actual wording used to advertise these cool erasers)

You can buy them here. They are $5.50 for a bag of 5 erasers.


Jennifer said...


Hey Jennifer, have I asked you if you're interested in our FB group yet? It's called "You Don't Need Nuts to Fly". Jenny of the Nut Free Mom Blog and I are trying to gather as many people as we can to help promote better awareness of food allergies and especially peanut/nut allergies in US air travel.

Jennifer said...


I would love to join, but I am a complete facebook idiot. How do I go about joining the group???? I think it is great to take on the airlines!! You already know what I think of Southwest!!!