Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Great Information Web Site

Someone over at the Food Allergy Support Boards posted about this absolutely amazing site here. It is so wonderful that I thought I would also point it out here, in case anyone has not discovered it through different means. The site is put up by John Weisnagel, M.D

Really great Peanut Allergy Info.
This is a really detailed and intelligent overview on all sorts of different issues pertaining to peanut allergies. Here is an excerpt from his introduction to the article:

"This review of the complex issue of peanut allergy was started in Oct. 1998 following a great deal of attention given to the subject in the media at that particular time. This coincided with many publications in the medical literature as cited in the references seen below in the opening paragraphs, conclusions of the authors considered as "alarming, frightening", according to comments of some visitors scanning this article. There were articles in magazines, like Time, Newsweek, as well as in local papers on what seemed an increase in peanut allergy, on banning peanuts in schools or on commercial flights, etc.22,25. Some of the articles, and reactions to them, were posted and appear in the article, and may still be accessible (at times, they're removed without any warning). The effect of all this attention to peanut allergy resulted in a panic situation, both in the minds of the public as well as the medical community, an attitude that seems to persist. .....This ongoing article is updated regularly, as developments occur, hopefully not only to make everyone aware of this unpredictable allergy, but also to help ease the fear generated. All updates appear with the date of the posting and for a time (usually 3 months) preceded by this image. "

There is also a wonderful General Information Page here. This is one of the most complete list of resources related to all sorts of allergies, food allergies, asthma, and almost anything else allergy, atopic related.

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