Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peanuts for pumpkins

Since things have been kind of serious around here here lately, I thought it was time for some humor even if it was not directly related to peanuts. (I am sure it is somehow related to peanuts, after all everything is. At least it is in my obsessed little mind :) )
So in honor of Halloween, I have found some pumpkins that have made me ohhh, made me awww, and made me chuckle eeeewwwwww!!!! So here they are - pumpkin fun.

The Star Wars Death Star Pumpkin

A Hamburger Pumpkin
A Sick Pumpkin (Must have eaten the pumpkin hamburger)

Another Sick Pumpkin. (Just say no to a pumpkin hamburger)

1 comment:

Jennifer B said...

Ewww. The sick pumpkins were a little gross! Funny, but gross! Hee hee! :) It's hard not to come back to serious stuff with peanut allergy. If it's not right in our faces, it is always there under the surface. can't wait till they come out with widely available immunotherapy or something!