Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Misc Food Allergy Items Medication Holders, Cothing, Stickers, Jewelry

Wow, I am really not doing well today. I was organizing this list of random sites I had on the draft section of this blog thing, and suddenly WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM it was somehow published. Being the computer idiot I am, I of course have no clue how to unpublish it, so oh well, here are some misc food allergy things. I meant for this to be a perfectly organized, catagorized section of items, but oh well, I think it is in alphabetical order if that helps at all. I have had a really nast cold for the past 4 days, so I think I will blame that........ Is it working..????

Maybe in a few days I will get my act together and do some more witty and insightful reviews of some of the products I like. One can only hope.

About Me Jewelry Medical identification jewelry uniquely designed and hand-crafted

Adorn Designs Handbags with detachable pouch for medical supplies that gets tucked away magnetically

Allergators Food allergy apparel

Allergy Alert Clothing for Kids Shirts, creepers and bibs for peanut, milk and food allergies

Allergy Haven Medicine/Epi carriers, stickers, shirts

Allergy Kids Stickers, bags, bracelets, and more.

Allergy Kidz Ware Variety of children’s gear.

AllergyPack Unique carrying cases for people who suffer from anaphylaxis type allergies and asthma

AllergyWare T-shirts all ages

At Risk Rescue Centralized Rescue Station to facilitate emergency treatment of life-threatening health risks, where access to simple treatment protocols and medications are critical.

Baby Labels Iron-on and adhesive custom labels - special labels for allergies

The Beadin' Beagle Beaded medical identification jewelry

Beyond a Peanut

Peanut Allergy Flash Cards

Blue Bear Aware Large selection of t-shirts. Patches, labels and more.

Cupacake Looking for a convenient way to send a safe cupcake for your child? Check this out!

E11 Medical and computer chip jewelry

E-Belt Autoinjector carrier

Epi-Access Single and Teacher pack Autoinjector cases

Epi Puppy Soft Epinephrine carrier

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network On-line shopping for educational materials, Epi Pen carriers, FAAN logo shirts, note cards, and more

Food Allergy Buddy Card Free customizable chef card to design, print at home and use while dining out.

Food Allergy Gear T-shirts and Fluorescent wrist bands.

ID On Me Water resistant medical bracelet

Jeeto! Clothing Line Allergy and gluten alert t-shirts

Kids Allergy Stop Wide range of allergy gear.

Kidsaware Awareness clothing and accessories for kids - in the UK

Kids With Food Allergies Wide variety of food allergy awareness gear

Kozy Epi Epinephrine and puffer pouch.

Label It or Lose It Personalized Self Adhesive Allergy Labels

Life Jewelry and Miss Ruthie's Kids Medical ID jewelry for adults and children

Mabel's Label's Durable, dishwasher-save, microwavable, "famous sticky labels" allergy alerts

Medic Alert Provides an emergency medical response service, whereby people wear medical-emblem bracelets or necklaces with ID information to alert emergency responders and hospitals that the person's medical and emergency contact information is on file with Medic Alert.

Medi-EpiSafe Autoinjector and puffer cases

Medipouch Protective, discreet carriers for medication

Miss Brooke's Company Medi Charms

Medical identification jewelry My Lifeware Leather medical bracelet

My Precious Kid Children’s food allergy stickers

Peanut Allergy Awareness Products Shirts and other items

Peanut Allergy Kids Peanut allergy products

Protectube Epi Pen Holders

Safety Sack SafetySack is a clear nylon standup pouch with child-resistant safety lock with a reclosable slide zipper to hold medication.

Safety Sticker Store Food allergy alert stickers

Select Wisely Food and Travel translation cards

Special Diets Resource page - focus on gluten intolerance but other restrictions addressed

Star Allergy Alerts Children’s allergy stickers, medicine pouches, t-shirts, bracelets, badges and more

STAT Kids Customize bags, wristbands, stickers, cards and more.

Table Toppers Disposable sanitary table toppers – useful for reducing contact with allergens on public tables

Zazzle Wide variety of food allergy awareness gear

Zoni Inc. E-belt - Epipen carrying belt with optional add-ons to accommodate second Epipen, antihistamine or puffer


Jennifer B said...

WOW--huge list--great job! (Must have taken you a while to compile.)

Karen said...

List of over 100 nut free food manufacters

Jennifer said...


Thanks!! I have all sorts of stuff stored on my computer.


That is a great list, thanks for sharing it!!!

the-beadin-beagle said...

Great list! I really appreciate you listing my website for medical jewelry. Thanks.

Fashionable Medical Jewelry

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