Monday, June 23, 2008

Books - The Good, The Better, and the Best

Ok, I have been meaning to do this forever, but life just seems to get in the way of my good intentions. I even started this once before, but once again my computer played a very mean joke on me, and my brilliant witty post disapeared when I tried to save it. The score is
Computer - 2
Me - 0
We went to visit my parents this weekend, and made the unfortunate discovery that Conor is very very very allergic to cats. So now I am on the lookout for a book entitled Don't touch the cat!!!! or Conor can't play with cats, or even Don't enter a home where a cat might live!!!!! Anyways, enough of my exciting commentary.

We own many of the books on my previous list. Since we are only allergic to peanuts and eggs (and now of course extremly allergic to cats), we have not checked out many of the other books, but I am sure they are very good.

General Books
Food Allergies for Dummies
This is a very good book, and I like the way it is set up. There are nice overview sections for all sorts of different types of food allergies, and even a bit of information about asthma. It would also be good for someone just starting their food allergy journey, as it very simply lays out different types of testing and the differences between intolerences and actual allergies. I also like the cute little light bulbs in the margin, and the fact that it is set up very simply for people like me who on occasion, can be just a bit slow............ But definitly a useful book.

The Peanut Allergy Answer Book

I ordered this book when Conor was first diagnosed, and my allergist at the time said "here is your epi-pen, avoid peanuts, good luck and good by" It is a good overview of peanut allergy, how to avoid, and useful information about such things as airlines, schools, caregivers, etc.

How to Manage your Child's Life Threatening Food Allergies
I also ordered this book when I freaked out when Conor was first diagnosed. This is a great book with really practicle day to day information on how to deal with real life events. She lays out different scenarios such as playdates, and birthday parties, and gives different suggestions on how to deal with them depending on your situation. Also being the mother of a food allergic child, this book really spoke to me on a more personal level, such as, "you are not crazy", "you can learn to live with this, and it will be ok", and "take some deep breaths.." She also has a great appendix in the back with all sorts of information, such as a script to use and leave at your house in case you need to call 911, and information on how to start a support group.

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